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Are rebates available to buy new HVAC Equipment?


With the cost of everything increasing these days, having to replace your home’s furnace can be a major financial hurdle for some. Luckily, here in Wisconsin, we have an organization called Focus on Energy who is there to help the residents of participating utilities with that hurdle. According to their website: 


“Focus on Energy’s work delivers real, measurable energy and financial savings for Wisconsin’s residents and businesses. All told, since 2011, Focus on Energy has delivered more than $1 billion worth of net economic benefits to Wisconsin. Focus on Energy is funded by Wisconsin’s investor-owned energy utilities, as required under Wis. Stat. § 196.374(2)(a), and participating municipal and electric cooperative utilities.”


Focus on Energy is also a great resource for residential customers to find a trade ally to complete work with their heating and cooling, plumbing, insulation, solar, and other needs. On their website, you can find savings in two ways. The first is their marketplace where you can find energy efficient home products such as light bulbs, air purifiers, smart thermostats, and other such energy saving products at a discounted price. The second is through their rebate and incentive programs for installing qualified equipment in your home.


As of March 2023, Focus on Energy is offering the following rebates on qualifying equipment installations:



Rebate amounts are based on energy efficiency of the equipment and the income level of the customer. Highest rebates are only available to income qualified individuals. If the customer has a higher income than what is listed below, only the standard rebate is available to them.


Income-Qualified limits

Household SizeAnnual Income Upper Limit



When working with a Focus on Energy trade ally, such as Blount, they will help to inform you on what rebates you would qualify for based on the equipment and your income level. Once the installation is complete and your application is submitted to Focus on Energy, they will send a rebate check directly to you for the qualifying amount.