Improving Indoor Air Quality

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How can I improve my indoor air quality?

The indoor air quality of your home can directly influence the health of you and your family. The EPA estimates that typical indoor air is anywhere from 2 – 5 times more contaminated than that of outside air. A quality furnace filter can help but just remember that the primary intent of a furnace filter is to protect the equipment with benefits to the air quality coming secondary. With that being said, there are ways for you to increase the indoor air quality by not only removing dust and debris but also spores, bacteria, mold, and other such airborne pollutants. 

Controlling indoor air quality can be looked at in three basic categories; Source control, ventilation, and air cleaning. Source control refers to identifying sources of pollutants and reducing or removing that source. Paint fumes, pets, smoke, and many others are all sources of pollutants. Ventilation is the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. In moderate weather this can be easily accomplished by opening windows but can be difficult in extreme heat and cold. Bathroom and kitchen fans can also exchange air provided they are vented directly to the outside. Air cleaning is the act of removing the pollutants from the air that is currently in your home. This can be done with many devices on the market today from table top air cleaners to UV systems. 


How do UV lights improve air quality?

UV Light manufacturers, such as PremierOne, typically offer a variety of models that fit the budget and needs of a homeowner. PremierOne offers a line of products that directly eliminate volatile organic compounds such as odors and gasses as well as bioaerosols such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These products combine a powerful UV bulb as well as oxidation odor control to combat these pollutants and help to clean the air in your home. 


How long do UV bulbs last?

 PremierOne recommends bi-annual replacement of the bulbs in your UV system with the bulbs being wiped clean in the off year. The number of bulbs varies based on the model of system you have but all follow the same cleaning and replacement schedule.


Will UV lights work on my system?

A UV light system can be installed directly into your ductwork provided you have either an air handler or forced air furnace. That said, your overall indoor air quality is affected and controlled by many factors. Be sure to consult with your local HVAC contractor to determine the best ways to address your needs. Addressing the source of contaminants, the ventilation of your space, and cleaning the air all need to be accounted for when coming up with a plan to achieve clean healthy air.